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Being A Social Media Manager, How To Make Money Being 4 mints.

Hey guys, How To Make Money Being A Social Media Manager. what I’ve seen what they’ve done for a lot of other people who I’ve actually talked to and have had tremendous success alright guys, not any further ado let’s get into it what I have you today is this it is called Mod Squad pretty cool name right.

I actually think this is pretty cool like if I was like a kid right if I was in college or in high school and I want to make some extra money and I don’t want to have to work at a department store.

A Social Media Manager

I work five to nine you know making some part-time money someplace I would definitely do this is awesome because I’ll tell you what basically what this is you become a social media manager that is the job you want now if you’re familiar with Twitter and gab and Facebook and you know you know what else is there and YouTube and Twitter and all those right Instagram another great one.

all these people who are relatively successful or big conglomerates or companies right who do they have in their office that generally takes care of that on a consistent basis now I’m not talking about little some rinky-dink company that you know throws a picture on there once a day.

 I’m talking about people professionals entrepreneurs people are part of big glamour companies that post like four or five things a day on Instagram or Facebook or you know whatever the case may be these people hire people from outsourcing people they hire them to manage their social media platforms that’s what you would be doing so if someone makes a comment if someone you know says something they shouldn’t.

if you know the company wants you to specifically focus on you know a certain platform at a certain time or they want you to post certain videos or pictures at certain times that would be your responsibility to have those sort of things done and answered for at specific times in the way they want you to do it that would be your responsibility you would take care of the comments on the posts you would have communications with people who are interested in certain things.

 That you know the company or person that you’re looking for is providing so this is actually a really cool job now when I started the video I said it pays okay the pay isn’t great okay at least to start off.

 It’s not and that really depends on what your project is what your responsibilities are what companies are you covering or taking care of her how many you are covering or taking care of like the pay rate starts from $8which is probably like the simplest social media manager jobs.

 you could find probably up to $12 those are the starting you know pay those are the starting pay rates that you would get for this job now that doesn’t blow your socks off but that’s also why I said.

if I was a kid in college or in high school just may want to make a couple of extra bucks this is something I would seriously be looking at it’s it doesn’t get much easier than this if any of you are familiar with any of you in the entrepreneurial world have looked for jobs online like.

 I’m really connected to certain people now being doing this for a while as you have graven you have you know Branson you have all these guys that are big names they’re basically all the social media platforms they were talking YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter all of them they have like honestly about 10 posts per day on each platform and now you know obviously these people have money so.

they’re paying people to do this well guess what you’d be one of those people doing this now for someone like Gary Veer Branson the guy who owns Virgin Airlines they have a lot more than just one social media manager handling their company.

 you know efforts on each platform I guarantee you they have four or five people doing that all day long so probably you being the person that you are in the position you’re in just starting in you’re probably going to start for some you know a smaller local business that wants to post.

You know five things a day on their Instagram Facebook and you know maybe their Twitter accounts when you start getting things like posting for YouTube for example then it gets a little bit more difficult because then you’re taking people’s videos.

you’re uploading their videos you’re doing certain things for them that’s when you’re talking about making more money you know just as an example or the quantity of how many things you’ve got to post for someone so keep all those things in mind when you’re thinking about getting paid and how much money you’re getting paid for doing this and how much responsibility you’re having or you’re getting for this it’s quite honestly this is almost like a cool job so cut you know.

if someone’s outline you could ban them if someone has a question about customer service in the company or a product that someone was promoting that you know they that you put on Facebook for them you would answer that question for them you’re gonna be like an all-around person so you can become very valuable to the company very quickly and you’re probably making a lot more money than $8 or $12an hour so keep that in mind that’s just starting and remember what.

 you need to actually get into this job you don’t need to know a lot you know how to maneuver Twitter Instagram Facebook and all the social media platforms folks nine times out of ten most of you already do that anyway so the threshold for actually getting in and an opportunity like this is very low that’s why the pay isn’t very high in the beginning but the more you do the more experience you get the more opportunities you will have now what you need to do to actually get started on this, oh and another thing.

 I wanted to mention to you keeping in mind you get paid once a month on the 15th it’s just like a lot of other companies we only get paid once a month and this one specifically is also director posit it’s not PayPal so forget the PayPal thing for this one it’s the direct deposit so they’re going to want your banking information and that’s just how it works and it’s not that bad a bit gig right so what we do now.

 I just click down the button down here Oh what we do it’s right here click on that if you want to learn more about what they do and how they do and how it works and basically tells you you’re going to be doing customer sort customer support you’re going to be involved with the community on all those social media platforms you’re going to be monitoring like.

 I said if someone gets out of line you’re going to boot them and they’re gonadal what you do and you’re basically all social media and that’s basically they just give you a roundabout fancy way of showing you that and some of the interesting industries they cover e-commerce gaming Technology Entertainment kids so this is something you might actually be interested in.

if you’re applying for the job they might ask you what you’re specifically you know your specific hobby is or your interest or something that you like or you do and if you love sports you might want to ask them like I love to work you know doing social media management for a sports team or you know a sports company or whatever the case may be.

 if you love gaming you want to work for a gaming company you the key is you always not just want to work from home you want Tobe happy with what you’re doing so try to get it into something that you know you’re going to the best chance for you actually enjoying it.

And liking it because that’s the better chance that you’re going to have at succeeding so just keep that in mind here you have entertainment to a lot of people gonna probably do the entertainment one because everyone likes movies and TV and all that kind of stuff so just keep that in mind who knows.

 if you go to do it you might get in who knows mullet’s see here contact us I’m trying to find that start page thingy who we have contacted us what we’ve done why ok study well there was anoint button here let me see something I’m going to go back watch video Oh in here this – you can watch this video here and it actually gives you.

 I’m not going to play the sound for you now but it basically gives you an overall view of what you ‘redoing how you’ll be integrated into business on how everything works so just keep that in mind and here it is you go to the bottom of the page here hit click start here right this sup this right here my contractor very simple you put your resume in there your LinkedIn profile if you so choose if you have a LinkedIn profile name email phone current company your links this is very simple one thing do want to mention to you that.

 I found out was key with this company they don’t always hire you on the first try I think it’s almost they want to see how badly you want the job so if you submit an application and you don’t hear anything for a while submitting another one I’ve heard that they don’t usually take people seriously unless you actually apply twice so keep that in mind now give it some time.

 I will at least give it a week or two before I would submit another application so just for the sake of argument just keep that in mind as you know submit your application and do everything as well as you can when you’re submitting an application you probably won’t hear anything on the first shot second shot chances are a lot better because they know you’re serious.

 I have about working from home and you want to generate passive income click that link below watch the free video so I got started and thousands of other people got started it gave me the ability to work from home and also if you want to join my newsletter click that link below joins my newsletter as a special gift to you.

 I will give you a free eBook that teaches you how to generate money from an email list and how you can do it just like I did. alright, guys what I always say until the next video say I say God Bless guys take care until next time…bye now.

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