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NetBase Quid and The Need for Market Research

Market research is a fundamental pillar for my business that desires to be prosperous. The act of gathering consumer information based on preferences and needs helps a business target it’s audience with the most precision and efficiency.

Once upon a time, market research used to be a more laborious task because of the lack of technology. However, there is so much more at our fingertips that can accurately pull data needed, and be fun at the same time.

We have done some research and come up with some tools that could be beneficial.


AdClarity is a digital marketing tool that supports publishers, agencies, advertisers, and AD networks to build their marketing strategy from beginning to end. The tool itself primarily focuses on video advertising, mobile and display campaigns

Features and benefits

It is incredibly user-friendly as it is easy to use and install.

It has a very comprehensive media buying analysis tool. It also optimizes display advertising for better results.

It can provide creativity by competitors. Which can be helpful in tailoring and tweaking one’s own campaign.


Smartlook takes all the hard work of qualitative analytics and makes it easy to process for web and mobile and it supports over 300,000 businesses. This particular tool can be used for any business industry and any size. Supports real-user behavior and dynamically highlights heat maps. It also supports automatic event tracking and how well a particular funnel converts. The bottom line is that  Smartlook gives you all the information about why visitors and users behave the way that they do when interacting with your business.

Features and benefits

A massive time management tool, as it measures much analytics all at once. It generates all the data in a well-organized manner.

Simple UX design and automatic tracking and customization of important events.

Intuitive and easy to install on WordPress.

Even client onboarding provides invaluable information.

LeadsRX Attribution

This is a phenomenal marketing attribution software. Both to see and to be companies engage with this platform. It’s a great analytics tool that generates reports on how each of a company’s advertising channels is working and performing. The metrics that are mostly measured are customer acquisition and revenue. Typically, the main goal of using this software is to increase and maximize return on ad spend. And it does that by revealing the truth of how chosen advertising channels work. Those that are not working efficiently can be removed or tweaked for better outcomes.

It is not only good for digital performance measurements on Facebook, Google ads, and any other digital channel that could be used. It also works for broadcast platforms and connections to OTT, radio, podcast streaming whether nationally or locally. It can also be used for mobile, offline events phone and s m s, and incorporates API.

Benefits and features

Works dynamically within a call center business model. New program

It gives accurate and balanced estimates. It sticks to reality over pie in the sky measurements.

The program can be customized to be delivered in alignment with the best flow of your business.

Data can also be customized for various clients. You can view data in a variety of ways, pick and choose what to customize for your clients.

The pixel feature is able to capture millions of data of visitors to measure the effectiveness of any type of campaign.

Are you looking to take your market research efforts to the next level? NetBase Quid can help you pinpoint exactly where you need to be looking and how to achieve that. If you need extra support in that way, click here, to try out our demo. Our system picks up all the things that you need to know so that you can enjoy a more hands-off approach.

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