The Easiest Way to Start Vaping

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Beginner’s Guide

In recent years, an all-new way to quit smoking cigarettes has emerged. We’re talking of course, about vaping. When you use a vape device, you can get powerful nicotine satisfaction from inhaling sweet and flavorful e-liquid vapor. All of this, without the smoke odors, ash, or hassle of smoking a manual paper cigarette.

Many people have successfully quit smoking by using vapor devices and electronic cigarettes. Otherwise known as “e-cigs”, these devices are compact, efficient, and stylish. Vape devices now come in an array of styles and kits to make quitting even easier.

Using an E-Cig Starter Kit

One of the easiest ways to switch from smoking to vaping is by using an electronic cigarette starter kit. First off, these kits usually contain everything you need to immediately start vaping! As such, many kits include a device, charger, instruction booklet, and e-liquid pods or vape juice.

With that in mind, not all vape starter kits have been created equally. Some come with e-liquid pods while others sell their vape juice separately. Furthermore, they aren’t all the same price, either. Let’s compare a few vape starter kits side-by-side!

Vuse Alto Vapor Pod Mod Starter Kit

The Vuse Alto Vapor Starter Kit is attractive, simple, and reliable. The starter kit comes in two great colors, Rose Gold or Silver, and includes the device, charger, and an instruction booklet. However, Vuse Alto nicotine salt pods are sold separately.

Boulder Rock Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Without a doubt, this is the best vape starter kit for those who value versatility and quality. This impressive little device is well-made, easy to use, and allows you to vape on any e-liquid you like! It even comes with an included 1.8% 10ml bottle of vape juice.

JUUL Starter Kit

If you’re looking for a vape starter kit that’s easy to use and popular, the JUUL Starter Kit might be for you! The JUUL vape device has been a very popular choice for over 5 years now.

The rechargeable JUUL battery supports 200 puffs and includes a USB charger! Additionally, tobacco and mint-flavored e-liquid pods are included in each JUUL kit. This rechargeable vape comes with everything you need to switch from cigarettes right away.

Which Kit is Best

So which of these kits is best? Well, if you want to use your own e-liquid or nicotine salt blends, the Boulder Rock Starter Kit is your best bet. If you want simplicity, the JUUL Starter Kit is the best choice. Any of these options would be great for smokers looking to switch!

Where to Buy Vape Starter Kits

Now that you’ve seen some great vape starter kits, you’re probably wondering where to buy them at the best prices. It’s easy, simply click this link! From there, you’ll be taken directly to the electronic cigarette pages of a reliable online tobacco shop!

On this site, you can purchase a range of nicotine pods and vape devices at unparalleled discounts! Plus, everything will be shipped right to your front door.

With amazing prices and even better customer reviews, this is easily one of the greatest places to buy the Boulder Rock, Alto, or JUUL Starter Kit online.

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